Balfolk events

June 2023
Wed 28 Folkbal Gooik, Belgium balfolk
Wed 28 8:00 pm–10:00 pm Folkbal Gooik, Belgium balfolk
Salopet Warmoes
August 2023
Wed 23 8:00 pm–Sun 27 11:59 pm Boombalfestival Lovendegem, Belgium W balfolk
Plume Petit Piment Cam&Léo Trio14 Turbobal Naragonia Duo Clercx Noiranomis Warmoes Zlabya Supernovas Emily & The Simons KV Express Tribot Man Encantada Floris & the Flames Lucas Thébaut Les Zéoles Nisia Trio Parasol LyraDanz Tref Duo Absynthe

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